What about the Boys

As awareness grows about the commercial sexual exploitation of girls, we ask, "But what about our boys?"



Running time

4' 58"

Directed by

Jane Wells

Produced by

Jane Wells

Distributed by

3 Generations

As awareness grows about the commercial sexual exploitation of girls, we ask, “But what about our boys?” Young men are also forced to work in the sex industry and they do so in the shadows.

Nikolaos Al-Khadra was 17 when his father kicked him out of home for being gay. Within hours he was drugged, sexually abused and being sold for sex by his first pimp. Other pimps followed and kept him under their control with drugs and threats of death. Through one frank and gritty testimony, WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS dispels some of the common myths about gay prostitution and offers a heart-wrenching look at how one young American boy was brutalized almost to the point of insanity.

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