Our mission

3 Generations documents stories of human rights abuses through film. We enable survivors of crimes against humanity to record their experiences as an act of healing, a call to action and to create historical evidence.

We amplify and honor each witness’s voice by creating broad audiences: film festivals, educational outreach, theatrical and community screenings, social media, partnerships, web-channels and more. Our goal is to influence the national dialogue and build momentum for social change.

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3G 10 Years

Our story

Our story began in April 1945 when Sidney Bernstein, the father of our founder Jane Wells, was with the Allied Forces when they liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen.

In his role as film advisor to the Ministry of Information, he was responsible for overseeing the film units that documented Nazi atrocities. Back in the UK he was tasked with producing a feature length film, German Concentration Camps Factual Survey, about the camps. In the fall of 1945, however, his Ministry of Information superiors closed down the production; the film was not completed or shown. As an old man, he told Jane Wells that the greatest regret of his life was not completing the film.

What makes 3 Generations different?

No-one is voiceless

Everyone has a story and a voice.
At 3 Generations we are committed to telling stories that may otherwise not be heard.
We do so in order to find our common humanity and inspire tolerance.

Our issues intersect

Genocide is not free of sexual violence or human trafficking. Ecocide produces dislocation and refugees. Veterans often face homelessness and PTSD. Our issues cross political and religious lines. Human vulnerability is the connective tissue that binds all the issues we focus on.

Small is strong

We are an agile organization. This allows us to move seamlessly from issue to issue without the restrictions of bureaucracy. We form lasting relationships with our subjects and are committed to supporting them long after filming ends.

Our team

Jane Wells

Founder & Executive Director

Francesco Portinari

Editor & Technical Director

Anais Rivera

Development & Marketing Manager

Lili Hamlyn


Emmanuel Bastien

Director of Photography

Ned Kelly

Editor -at-Large

Barbara Simon

Graphic Designer

Our board of directors

Florence Buchanan
Esther Pearlstone
Beth Taylor-Hart
Susan Holgate
Juliet Wells
Alexander Wells
Frances Lalas
Brad Rothschild
Nadia Zilkha

Advisory board

Simon Brook, Rabbi Lee Bycel, Danielle Douglas, Jeffrey Horowitz, Larry Kopp, Judy McGrath, Lina Srivastava, Dr. Stephen Smith

Our partners

Crisis resources

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