3 Generations is commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps with an initiative inspired by the documentary film German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (GCCFS). The footage shot by the soldier-cameramen remains vital today. The material proves, irrevocably, that the Holocaust happened. This competition aims to share the importance of documentary film with young audiences: “as evidence for all mankind”.

“Unless the world learns the lessons these pictures teach, night will fall. But, (by God’s grace) we who live will learn.”

These are the closing lines of the seminal 1945 documentary German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (GCCFS) and should be used as inspiration (prompt, starting point) for the Video Contest.

How do we extend the lessons of German Concentration Camps Factual Survey to create work which resonates in our contemporary moment? What is the significance of creating an archive of atrocity? What is the value of direct testimony? What does it mean to bear witness? 

Young filmmakers, aged 18 to 30, are invited to create a short video work (up to 4 minutes in length) to share the message of GCCFS with their peers. This competition is open to everyone regardless of religious background. Submissions will be judged on their originality and creativity. We are looking for work which effectively references GCCFS, teaches new audiences about what happened in the concentration camps, and/or illustrates the importance of visual testimony as an educational tool for understanding human rights abuses. 

The acclaimed visual artist, Marilyn Minter, will be the Jury President. Other judges include Producer Dorothy Berwin, filmmaker Mickey Lemle, author Lili Hamlyn, film distributor for Menemsha Films, Neil Friedman and Clara Citron, student. 

Shortlisted and winning videos will be shared across social media and will be promoted to Film Festivals by our partner Menemsha Films. 

Awards & Prizes

There will be 3 prizes of $1,000

Short-form: 60 sec or less 
Long-form: 4 mins or less 
Viewers Choice: A prize voted on by the public.

Rules & Terms

Must be 18-30 of age 
Individual submissions only, although individuals may solicit friends to help with their project. 
1 entry per person 
Must be based in North America 
All videos must be at least 30 seconds and no more than 4 minutes. 
They must be digital and available online via a web link on either YouTube or Vimeo. 
If using footage from German Concentration Camps Factual Survey can only use scenes from within the trailer. 
Video essays should only contain original work and/or approved content from the film. 
Videos may not contain material that infringes another’s copyright or licensing rights or otherwise infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity or other intellectual property rights 
Any person(s) appearing in your video (including but not limited to persons videotaped, quoted, or recorded) must provide consent.

Any queries can be directed to