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The aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas – whose testimony are you listening to?

Hard facts we gleaned from the news are that Hurricane Dorian roared through the Bahamas leaving an epic trail of devastation behind it, with scores ...

14 Sep 2019

Never Forget on Valentine’s Day

#WeWillNeverForget #MarchForOurLives Alyssa Alhadeff Scott Beigel Martin Duque Anguiano Nicholas Dworet Aaron Feis Jaime Guttenberg Christopher Hixon Luke Hoyer Cara Loughran Gina Montalto Joaquin Oliver ...

14 Feb 2019

A Sephardic Jew Meets Her Yazidi Sisters

Last month 3 Generations’ Board Chair Nadia Zilkha traveled to Toronto with our team to meet and interview Yazidi survivors of the 2014 genocide by ...

8 Feb 2019

Donald Duct-Tape

As many across the country and globe gear up for the Super Bowl by making chilli, buying beer,  planning parties and getting partisan, at 3 ...

2 Feb 2019

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

As we approach International Holocaust Remembrance day, the day the camp Auschwitz-Bikernau was liberated by Soviet forces, we must remain vigilant in making sure these ...

27 Jan 2019

Don’t Forget to Remember

Sunday January 27th will be International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as designated by the United Nations. It’s the day when Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by Soviet forces ...

25 Jan 2019

Happy Birthday to MLK Jr.

Happy birthday to the incomparable Martin Luther King Jr. He was born 100 years ago and yet, we still have a ways to go before ...

21 Jan 2019

Visas and Kidneys: It’s Human Trafficking Day

She was a 20-year-old beauty from a village in Central Vietnam. The opportunity of a lifetime was days away. She had made her way to ...

11 Jan 2019

Confirmation of Our Worst Fears at Fort Berthold

A disturbing New York Times investigative piece by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Lipton confirms and amplifies what we’ve been screaming about for the last 4 ...

28 Dec 2018

Facebook’s Genocidal Role

We did it. We deactivated Facebook. It’s barely a ripple in a small pond but I believe the Dalai Lama’s teaching about the power of ...

21 Dec 2018

Don’t Silo My Rights, My Friend

Shouldn’t every human being have equal rights? And why would anyone want to silo those rights?                    ...

3 Nov 2018

Freedom and Justice for All

Recently, after listening to Phoebe Judge’s podcast, Criminal, I decided to visit an inmate at a correctional facility five hours north. As a student studying ...

22 Aug 2018

Institutional Integrity

Before joining 3G, I spent a year working full-time as an unpaid intern in Washington, DC. I spent August-December working in a Senator’s Capitol Hill ...

30 Jul 2018

‘To forget the Holocaust would be akin to killing them a second time’

A few weeks ago, I returned to work from a week in Guayaquil, Ecuador, a populous city in the province of Guayas, where half a ...

27 Jun 2018

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey at Congregation Beth Torah

GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS FACTUAL SURVEY AT CONGREGATION BETH TORAH IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Jane Wells The full restoration of German Concentration Camps Factual Survey premiered ...

18 Apr 2018
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