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Don’t Silo My Rights, My Friend

  Shouldn’t every human being have equal rights? And why would anyone want to silo those rights?                  ...

3 Nov 2018

Freedom and Justice for All

Recently, after listening to Phoebe Judge’s podcast, Criminal, I decided to visit an inmate at a correctional facility five hours north. As a student studying ...

22 Aug 2018

Institutional Integrity

Before joining 3G, I spent a year working full-time as an unpaid intern in Washington, DC. I spent August-December working in a Senator’s Capitol Hill ...

30 Jul 2018

‘To forget the Holocaust would be akin to killing them a second time’

A few weeks ago, I returned to work from a week in Guayaquil, Ecuador, a populous city in the province of Guayas, where half a ...

27 Jun 2018

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey at Congregation Beth Torah

GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS FACTUAL SURVEY AT CONGREGATION BETH TORAH IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Jane Wells The full restoration of German Concentration Camps Factual Survey premiered ...

18 Apr 2018

A “MeToo” for the Everywoman on International Women’s Day

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY Jamie Brandel In what world should it be normal that any woman or girl has zero control or say about what happens ...

8 Mar 2018

3 Generations Supports Net Neutrality, and You Should Too

By Maggie McNish On December 14, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be voting on the repeal of net neutrality. We feel passionately that this ...

5 Dec 2017


By Jane Wells The #MeToo movement gets more complex everyday. As politicians are added to the list of predators, red lines of acceptable conduct are ...

27 Nov 2017

3 Generations 2016 Annual Report

Download the 2016 Annual Report

14 Aug 2017

An interview with “Lost in Lebanon” filmmakers Sophia and Georgia Scott

Lost in Lebanon, directed by the Scott Sisters and produced by Jane Wells for 3 Generations, is screening at New York City’s Human Rights Watch ...

2 Jun 2017

LOST IN LEBANON: An Intern’s Take.

Written by Mimi Mayo-Smith, 3G Intern The world premiere for Lost in Lebanon will be held in London, United Kingdom at the Human Rights Watch ...

10 Mar 2017

Prison, or Prison Camp?

By Maggie McNish, 3G Intern The genocide that occurred during the Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers.  It began in ghettos and in ...

7 Mar 2017

Welcome the newest additions to the 3G team

Last month, 3 Generations was very fortunate to grow with the addition of three new team members. We are excited to have Sue, Mimi, and ...

2 Mar 2017

An Intern’s Story: The War from Afar — what history means to me.

Written by Mimi Mayo-Smith, our new intern at 3 Generations. Growing up in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, my sisters and I would coddle up under ...

16 Feb 2017

An Intern’s Story: On the Virtual Trail with Trump

Written by Maggie McNish, our new intern at 3 Generations.   I am a senior at Pace University majoring in History and minoring in Middle ...

6 Feb 2017
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