Lost in Lebanon

Through the intimate journeys of birth, life and death - this film gives an insight into lives shattered by war and finds the people fighting for a peaceful future along the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

3 Generations is honored to produce the Scott sisters’ latest film Lost in Lebanon.

Our long­standing focus on refugee rights will be amplified when Lost in Lebanon, our feature documentary featuring Syrians in exile in Lebanon, is released. It expands on our short film Three and extant videos on our website. 

Lost in Lebanon provides exclusive access to important stories in a region that is on the fringes of hell. Shot over 18 months on the borders of Syria, this film tells the story behind the news reports and is a reflection of the strange, chaotic lives of the people living in the shadow of the Syrian war. The film is an intimate look at how four Syrians whose collective struggles constitute the new frontline of the refugee crisis as they try to find ways to overcome the torment of their shattered lives. Interwoven throughout the film is a German professor who works with the local Syrian and Lebanese communities in the north trying to build a new model for peace through interfaith dialogue and access to education for the displaced Syrian children. He is waiting to bring his work over the border and into Syria.

Lost in Lebanon is not the story of the war in Syria, nor is it an account of those who have made the journey to Europe: It is the next chapter. What is happening  to the 12 million who have been displaced but have absolutely nowhere to go? What are their hopes, their fears, their future?

Life for refugees in Lebanon has become desperate. As some ISIS members cross the borders into Lebanon the country is on high alert. The armed forces have ramped up security on the streets and are setting up new checkpoints across the country. The Lebanese government is implementing stringent new laws for Syrians – resulting in over 80% of Syrians becoming illegal since 2015.  We have all seen some of those Syrians in the news drowning in the Mediterranean, but what about the others?  The protagonists in this film tell the current story.

Upcoming Screenings:

Human Rights Film Festival, London, March 12-13 https://ff.hrw.org/film/lost-lebanon

One World Festival, Prague, March 13-15 https://www.oneworld.cz/2017/films-a-z/34577-lost-in-lebanon


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  • Date: 2016
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Produced by: Jane Wells
  • Directed by: Sophia and Georgia Scott
  • Distributed by:
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