In The Shadow of War

In the Shadow of War tells the compelling stories of four young people as they struggle to survive a war that ended 20 years ago. The physical conflict is over - but its psychological impact continues. Can they break the cycle of violence?

3 Generations is thrilled to be partnering with the producers and directors of In The Shadow Of War in order to help shed light on the psychological impacts of the Bosnian genocide on youth today.

IN THE SHADOW OF WAR will take you on a cinematic journey through the hopes, dreams and fears of a new generation who find themselves living with the ongoing effects of a war that ended before most of them were even born. The film captures the energetic spirit of Bosnia and Herzegovina but also bears witness to the legacy of a brutal conflict.

The film tells four very different stories of trauma, survival and, on occasion, triumph over adversity. Ante, Ilija, Magdalena and Elvis are inspirational young people whose powerful and emotional lives illustrate the continuing effects of war. These four teenagers, like thousands of other children born at the end of the war in Bosnia, have grown up in orphanages or live with parents suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The film follows them grappling with being alone, coming to terms with how they were conceived or their parents role in the war, attempting to rebuild broken relationships and healing mental and physical scars.

We see the reunion of Ante and his war criminal father in a maximum-security prison in northern Sweden. We follow Magdalena as she finds the strength to leave her abusive father. We witness an encounter between Ilija and his mother, who 20 years ago abandoned him. We feel the turmoil of Elvis as he struggles to deal with the death of both his parents and now finds himself abandoned by the state.

Through the personal journeys of Ante, Ilija, Magdalena and Elvis, this film reveals a universal story about the lasting trauma of war and its ongoing consequences, not just for those directly involved in conflict but for their children. As these four young people struggle to escape their past, IN THE SHADOW OF WAR asks what can and must be done to support young people in the future, to break the cycle of trauma, violence and destruction.




Nominated for First Appearance Award – IDFA 2014
Nominated for Oxfam Global Justice Award – IDFA 2014
Nominated for Special Jury Award – Sheffield Doc Fest 2014
Nominated for Best UK Film Award – Open City Doc Fest 2014

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  • Date: 2014
  • Running Time:
  • Produced by: Maja Hadziomerovic, Georgia Scott and Sophia Scott
  • Directed by: Georgia Scott and Sophia Scott
  • Distributed by:
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