Annual Reports
2013 Annual Report

3 Generations is a non-profit organization that documents stories of human rights abuses through film. We enable survivors of crimes against humanity to record their experiences as an act of healing, a call to action and to create historical evidence.

We amplify and honor each witness’s voice by creating broad audiences: film festivals, educational outreach, theatrical and community screenings, social media, partnerships, web-channels and more. Our goal is to influence the national dialogue and build momentum for social change.

By sharing these stories broadly, 3 Generations

  • Explores survival and resilience
  • Amplifies and honors survivors’ collective voice
  • Builds an avenue for the world to listen and learn from their experiences
  • Shifts how we confront geopolitical forces causing violence and oppression


“I formed 3 Generations for the people of Darfur, for my father and those of his generation, those who were lost in the Holocaust and those who survived and were able to tell their stories.”

Jane Wells, Founder and Director, 3 Generations


In April 1945 my father, Sidney Bernstein, was with the Allied Forces that liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. As a film advisor to the Ministry of Information, he was responsible for overseeing the film units as they documented the atrocities found there. Back in the UK he was tasked with producing a feature length film, German Concentration Camps Factual Survey about the camps the Allies liberated. My father brought together some of the greatest film-makers, writers and talent of that era to create a permanent reminder of Nazi atrocities for generations to come. In the fall of 1945, however, his Ministry of Information superiors closed down the production and the film was not completed or shown. For forty years he never spoke of what he had seen or the doomed project which was buried in the vaults of the Imperial War Museum in London. In 1984 some of the footage was made available to the public. This was the first time my father (and others who had been at the liberation of the camps ) spoke up about the horrors they had witnessed. Already a very old man, my father told me the greatest regret of his life was not completing the atrocity film.

The complex story of the film and why it was stifled was not fully told until 2014, when it became the subject of the the award-winning documentary, Night Will Fall, directed by Andre Singer. Night Will Fall premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this year and will have its US premiere on HBO in January 2015.

In 2004, as I became aware that a genocide was unfolding in Darfur, I determined to go there myself to see and understand what was really happening. I was lucky enough to get a visa for Sudan and to visit Darfur and later Chad under the auspices of the International Medical Corps. Able to spend weeks at the frontlines, I heard first hand from survivors about what has been called “the first genocide of the 21st century”.  I wrote several articles about my witness and became an advocate.

Back in the USA, I met Brian Steidle, a former marine and photojournalist who was chronicling the genocide in Darfur. As Brian’s story unfolded, I realized there were clear parallels between Brian’s experiences and those of my father. After coming home to America with proof of genocide in Darfur, the State Department asked Brian to stop showing his pictures. Unlike my father, he was not under military command and decided he would not bury the truth. Brian and his sister, Gretchen Wallace, intended to make a feature documentary about Brian’s irrefutable witness of the genocide in Darfur. Hearing this and remembering my father’s regret, I agreed to help Brian tell the world about Darfur. As I started work producing the award-winning film The Devil Came on Horseback, I realized that I would be correcting an ancestral wrong and carrying forward a family legacy. And so 3 Generations was born.

3 Generations is a safe harbor for survivors to tell their stories  brutal, tragic, atrocious, even uplifting, in their own words  words that will be honored and preserved for generations to come. 3 Generations is dedicated to creating social justice documentaries as a means to educate, engage, empower and entertain while fostering leadership, citizenship and inspiration in adults and youth to make a difference in our society. Our documentaries examine worldwide and domestic atrocities, war crimes, genocide, trafficking, violence, homelessness, discrimination, and veterans’ inequities. Our films have been distributed to libraries, schools, community organizations, television and theaters.

Jane Wells, Executive Director
Lindsay Gebhart, Director of Development
Lili Hamlyn, Media and Production Associate
Hannah Eddy, Development & Outreach Coordinator
Emily Hall, Head of Finance
Florence Buchanan, Creative
Mark Burns, Editor
Francesco Portinari, Editor
Alana Salcer, Web and Graphic Designer
Lina Srivastava, Strategist
Florence Buchanan
Caren Golden
Susan Holgate
Jeffrey Horowitz
Esther Pearlstone
Nicole Pombier
Jackie Shapiro
Beth Taylor-Hart
Alexander Wells, Secretary
Jane Wells
Nadia Zilkha, Chair
Rabbi Lee Bycel
Judy McGrath
Lina Srivastava
Simon Brook
Dr. Stephen Smith
Larry Kopp

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