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July 2013

Have you heard of Storycorps? Over the past ten years, Storycorps has collected over 50,000 interviews with people from across the country; all of which are preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Most recently they launched the Military Voices Initiative which invites those who have served our country since 9/11 to share their stories from abroad; a project quite similar to our own veterans project. Listen to the interview with public radio producer, David Isay, below and check out our veterans project.

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Most of our posts are brief and to the point, but we thought Trayvon deserved a bit more. Here is some analysis about gun laws in America that allowed George Zimmerman to get off scot-free:

This past Saturday, George Zimmerman was acquitted on the charges of manslaughter and second degree murder. Unsurprisingly, the verdict elicited a strong public reaction; sparking protests and vigils around the country in honor of Trayvon Martin who many now view as a martyr to a racially biased justice system. While race prejudice is without doubt the largest theme reverberating from this case, it is important that we draw attention as well to what this says about the state of gun violence and gun control in this country. Few would argue with the right to self-defence in the case of a life threatening situation, however as the New York Times Editorial Board pointed out, “when the Stand Your Ground laws intersect with lax concealed-carry laws, it works essentially to self-deputize anyone with a Kel-Tec 9 millimeter and a grudge.” Trayvon Martin’s death was tragic; not just in the passing a bright young man, but in the resulting court validation of Zimmerman’s actions during the altercation. Are we to be a society of vigilantes? Always suspicious, always judging each other based on stereotypes and prejudices? Sadly, that seems to be the kind of culture the Florida justice system is endorsing.

Trayvon Martin’s Legacy, The Editorial Board, New York Times, July 14, 2013

Do “happy hookers” really exist? Check out this article about pimp turned non-profit founder, Derek Williams, and Danielle Douglas, sex trafficking survivor and star of our upcoming film TRICKED, to see how they break down this myth.

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“I’m a psychological scientist.” Check out Olly Longworth’s interview with Mickey Royal, an LA based pimp. Royal explains how he dominates women psychologically in order to coerce them into prostituting for his monetary benefit. This article provides interesting insight into the minds of certain pimps however, does it go too far in glorifying Royal’s “moral” methods? What do you think?

LIFE ADVICE FROM ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST ELOQUENT PIMPS, Olly Longworth, Vice Magazine, July 8, 2013

Things could be changing for Europe’s most notorious sex industry driven city. Recently, Dutch lawmakers began to reexamine the 2000 law which legalized brothels in Amsterdam due to studies which suggest that the legalization has failed to stem trafficking. The ongoing debate, now taking place in the Senate, brings up a number of interesting points regarding public policy and prostitution. Check out the article below.

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